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TF 101
Material: Cotton, Size: XS - S
(Flat) measurement: Bust: 34.5cm
Shoulder: 30.5cm, Length: 50cm, with a brooch pin
Price: RM 28.00 (Now: RM 20.00 + Free gift Skin Food Nose Patch)

TF100 (2 pieces)
Material: Cotton+ Chiffon, Size: S - M,
(Flat) measurement: Bust 42cm, Shoulder: 32cm, Length: 62cm
Price: RM 25.00 (Now: RM 19.00)

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TF 99
Material: Chiffon + lace, Size: S-M
(Flat) measurement: Bust: 41cm, Shoulder: 33cm , Length: 62cm
Price: RM 24.00 (Now: RM 18.00 + Free gift Eye Mask)

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TF 37 White
Material: Cotton + Sweater,
Size: Free, Bust: 74-100cm Sleeve: 59cm, Length: 69cm
Price: RM 28.00 (Now:RM21.00)
With round gold-coloured pearl and slightly puffy sleeve with gold coloured accessories attached!
Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration